The 2016 Virginia Reggae Awards

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The cut-off date for voting is May 27, 2017 @ 7pm.

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  • Promoters Award

    awarded to your favorite promoter

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  • Producers Awards

    awarded to your favorite producer

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  • Favorite Song Award

    Awarded to the singer and writer of YOUR favorite song

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  • Favorite Album Award

    Awarded to the artist YOU believe has the best album

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  • Favorite Band Award

    Awarded to YOUR favorite Band

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  • Media Award

    Awarded to YOUR favorite MEDIA personnel

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  • New Artist Award

    Awarded to YOUR favorite New Artist

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  • Va. Reggae Ambassador Award

    Awarded to the person YOU think works hardest on the Va. reggae scene

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  • Favorite Artist Award

    Awarded to YOUR favorite Solo artist

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  • Sound System Award

    Awarded to YOUR favorite sound system/dj

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  • Favorite Drummer

    Awarded To your favorite drummer

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  • Favorite Guitar Player

    Awarded To your Favorite Guitar Player

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  • Favorite Keyboard Player

    Awarded To your Favorite Keyboard Player

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  • Favorite MC(Dancehall/Sound system)

    Awarded To your Favorite MC(Dancehall/Sound system)

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  • Favorite Bass player

    Awarded To your Favorite Bass player

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  • Favorite Back up Singer(s)

    Awarded To your Favorite Back up Singer(s)

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  • Favorite Event Host

    Awarded To your Favorite Event Host

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  • Favorite Acoustic

    Awarded To your Favorite Acoustic

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  • Favorite Annual Event

    Awarded To your Favorite Annual Event

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  • Lifetime Achievement

    Awarded To Artist, band, dj (minimum of 15 years service to community)

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  • Favorite Wind instrument

    Awarded to your favorite (horns, trumpets, trombones, saxophones, etc) player

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